Colors and Textures

There are hundreds of colors, textures and effects available from may different suppliers.  The effects that can be created with powder coating are remarkable. Different chemistries are created not only for color and effect but also durrability.  The are basic colors as shown on the RAL color chart.  These RAL colors are standardized colors recognized internationally much like Pantones (PMS) are recognized.  RAL powder coating colors are just the begining with many proprietary colors from each powder coating supplier.  Available powders inclued standard colors and special effects that include candies, textures, hamertones, veins, sparkles, wrinkles and flats to name a few.

Color charts are offered as a reference as a portion of what's available, but remember colors look different on different screens and final selections should always be made in person.

Here are links to TIGER Drylac PDFs of colors and Coatings:

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